Chef Roberto Martin of eLOVate Vegan Kitchen Santa Monica. Previously Chef to the

Ellen DeGeneres household, Chef Martin has subsequently appeared numerous times on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, and The Today Show. His First cookbook Vegan Cooking For Carnivores was a New York Times bestseller and his follow-up: Roberto’s New Vegan Cooking released this spring and was an instant hit with fans and critics alike!

1st place Gift Basket and Top 3 Gift Bags provided by

2017 Judges

Vegan Chili Cook Off

Celebrity judges will decide who makes the most delicious, lip-smacking, animal-free chili!
Winner gets bragging rights and the coveted Vegan Chili Champion Trophy and a Gift Basket!
Top 3 Winners will be Awarded Gift Bags and Place Ribbons.

Anji Bee and Ryan Lum, creators of 

TheChillcast, Lovespirals

and Healthy Happy Vegan!

They've been on The Doctors TV show and the BBC representing all that is good about keeping it carbed! Happy Healthy Vegan is a vegan lifestyleYouTubechannel promoting a plant based high carb diet for better health, weight loss & overall fitness.

Known for his unique sound and versatility, this Florida native is quickly making a name for himself. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Grey is nothing less than refreshing when it comes to making music. His ability to reach the audience and paint a vivid picture through lyrics and soulful melodies is truly a gift.

2017 Judges

2016 Judges


David Carter, a UCLA grad drafted into the NFL in 2011 by the Arizona Cardinals. Looking for answers to heal his injuries, David watched “Forks Over Knives.” Then surprised his vegan wife on Valentines Day with the promise to switch to a compassionate lifestyle. David is now known asThe 300 Pound Vegan and is an international public speaker, diversity and community expansion specialist for the non-profit organizationVegan Outreach, and an animal rights activist. 


2017 Chili Cook Off Hosted by

Ryan and Anji Lum have been creating vegan focused content as Happy Healthy Vegan since 2013, with a current viewership of over 130 thousand on YouTube, 57 thousand on Instagram, and 20 thousand on Facebook. This Long Beach based duo have created 700+ videos covering a wide range of topics including plant based news, health and fitness tips, product and restaurant reviews, recipe demos, and vlogs. Anji released her debut vegan cookbook, Keep It Carbed, Baby!, in 2016.