*Subject to change*

11am- Drum Circle

12pm- Buti Yoga

12:30pm- Kelsey Auria

1:10pm- Slushbox

2pm- Chili Cook Off

3:30pm- Baz Francis

4:45pm- Alarma

Kelsey Auria

Indigo Goddess Flow

DJ Veg

Kelsey Auria is a 19 year old Singer-Songwriter from Long Beach, CA. She started playing guitar when she was 13 years old. As a sophomore in high school she formed an indie folk band with two close friends called The Rookeries, and they released one EP together before going their separate ways, however they still play together often. Kelsey is currently working on recording an Elliott Smith tribute album at New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, CA. She can often be seen performing around the local Long Beach music scene.

Music-life partners Sharon Giarratano (vocals/bass) and Mark Wheeler (guitar/vocals), along with creative conspirator Terry Frost (drums) took the “Spectator Appeal Award” for two consecutive years in the huge Long Beach Christmas Parade, where 20 thousand attendees were chanting along with Slushbox’s own theme song,“Green Means Go”.  
The band converted a borrowed dump-truck into a mobile parade showcase stage, with lights, dancers, and all the trimmings; performing their green-a-licious pop/punk original music. 
In downtown Long Beach, on the street in the East Village Arts District, 300 people showed up for Slushbox’s own original rock theatre show entitled “Find Your Own Steeple”.  With a cast of 12, from teens through senior citizens, this exhibition transformation brought original Slushbox songs to life with performance art vignettes, dance, acrobatics, tai chi, and opera singing.  
Cast members and the band were actually growing via this cathartic show, in perfect step with the show title.  The local news outlets: Long Beach Post and Press Telegram and picked up on the story: 
“Slushbox is a band that represents Long Beach...unapologetically out there group... like leprechaun warriors for the planet....think the message of the Dead Kennedys (with less screaming) gone Burning Man (with less dirt)."
Brian Addison, Long Beach Post  2014

Dupree Drum Circle

Alarma is a World music Indie rock band blending different musical styles. Danceable, melodic and sending out a positive message, the group was formed in Lincoln Heights, California. Known for their unique sound and high-energy live performances, the band incorporates Reggae, Ska, African, Latin, Middle Eastern and Flamenco in their repertoire.

Hailing from the southern counties of England, Baz Francis began his musical ventures in the late '90s as the frontman for the band Mansion Harlots. After that group disbanded, Francis spent the ensuing years performing mostly as a solo artist until he formed his next band, Magic Eight Ball. Magic Eight Ball then released several EPs and singles throughout their early years whilst touring constantly. In 2013, the band released their début album 'Sorry We're Late But We're Worth The Wait' featuring guest appearances from Jason Bowld (Bullet for My Valentine) and Donnie Vie through Magic Cat Records, followed by an accompanying European Tour. They then released         their second album 'Last Of The Old Romantics' in 2014 featuring the late comedy legend that was Rik Mayall  (The Young Ones/Drop Dead Fred/Bottom) on the record, and they once again toured the album across the continent.

Following on from his first official release under just his own name (2016's solo EP 'Live at Molly Malone's / Los Angeles 2015'), Baz Francis released his first solo studio album 'Face That Launched A Thousand Shipwrecks' on 24th April 2017 through Magic Cat Records, accompanied by a new World Tour and live album recorded whilst on the road in Egypt, 'Trainwrecks In The Desert / Giza 2017'. Baz Francis and bandmate Will Gray then reformed Mansion Harlots in 2017 and began work on a new album. European live dates from the band then followed in 2018.